Wooden Rackets


Come join us for a fun Wooden Racquets Tournament followed by the Men’s Wimbledon final. 

This is a mixed doubles quick tournament the only catch is that we all use wooden racquets ~ don’t worry they are provided but you do need to come in your Wimbledon whites.

Quick tournament rules are simple(ish) – you play 8 games per match, minimum of 3 matches. You play 4 with your partner and then swap partners and play 4 against them. You keep a tally of the games you have won. The top 4 players then go into the final.

The partnerships are drawn out of a hat so everyone has an equal chance to get to the final.

The tournament is followed by watching the Men’s Wimbledon final on the big screen in the club house please feel free to bring a dish for the bring and share lunch.


Sunday 16th July 2023

What a fantastic Sunday it was and we were thrilled to see so many enthusiastic individuals all dressed in classic Wimbledon whites. A big round of applause for Tom and Dan for their exceptional performance that earned them the title of winners. We also want to give a special shoutout to Hannah for orgainising such a success event.


Sunday 10th July 2022

A wonderful turn out in the sun and Wimbledon whites. Congratulations to the winners: Hayley and Bridget and thank you Hannah for organising it.