Todd King

Future Presidents Cup

This tournament is held in memory of one of our members, Todd King.

Todd joined KLTC as a junior aged 10 and found a true love of tennis very quickly. He progressed through the junior ranks and was delighted to be invited to join men’s match practice, at only 13, by Geoff Douglas who was a fantastic mentor to the boys coming through the ranks. He went on to play men’s league each year after that, including his final season, whilst undertaking 6 months of Chemotherapy, daily Radiotherapy and taking his GCSEs. 

Tennis and the KLTC family spirit was hugely important to him, particularly at that time. It is our absolute pleasure to continue supporting the club in his honour and we look forward to seeing you all there.


Sun 14th April 2024

A massive thank you too Todd’s family and friends, who put in tremendous efforts and commitment in remembering Todd and making the day a memorable success.

Congratulations to the runners up, Elle & Olly and the overall winners Suzanne & Truc for their outstanding performance on such a wonderful day.


Sun 16th April 2023

It’s great to finally get my name on this trophy, ‘The Future Presidents Cup’, in memory of our good friend Todd. Always lovely to see players past and present come together to play. Well played to my partner Hannah, you smashed it and to our opponents in the final Jack and Laura. It’s nice to be back amongst the winners! 👊🏼
Dan Purnell


Sun 14th April 2019

What a great day, in memory of a great man. The turnout for Todd’s Tournament was outstanding again, with 13 pairs playing and many spectators. It was lovely to see so many old faces who were friends of Todd come back to play, together with new players taking part.

A massive thank you to all the family, as always so much work went into the day to make it such a success, and again it was a great occasion. Congratulations to the winners, Pete and Kelly, and the runners up, Bondy and Emily. It is safe to say that the legacy Todd has left behind was shown in the turnout of everyone that could make it, and of course the visit of Mr Bernard President Sir.

Thanks again to everyone, for all your support and help to make the day such a success. You will forever be missed dude.


This year for the first time we decided to host Todd’s tournament in April, rather than later in the summer as in previous years.  This was in the first instance to fit better in the KLTC calendar, August/September is a busy time for members with the build up to finals day and it was difficult to find a date when we could start at 12 noon and use all 4 courts exclusively for the whole day.  April seemed the obvious choice to coincide with his anniversary.  With the annual trip to Okehampton and an Argon match to compete we were still unsure that playing numbers would be viable.  But 15 pairs signed up very quickly and we were all set to go ahead.

Matt (Bomber) Thompson had kindly arranged 3 boxes of 5 pairs and such was the playing standards of those competing, that we had two seeded pairs in each box.  With the, as always, wonderful support of Nic Clark in orchestrating play, all matches were soon underway with some really close match ups on all courts.  One box even ended in a draw and so a tie break was played to find our 4th semifinalists, with Pete Wayborn and Lydia Newman just beating Rob Tucker and Hayley Spragg.

So our semi final lineup was: Dean Newman & Sam Russé v Dan Bond & Vicky Sims and Tom Blaber & Hannah Martin v  Pete and Lydia. Dan and Vicky triumphed in the other semi to face Hannah and Tom and everyone was commenting on Bondy’s return to the courts and being straight back to his winning ways! Todd would have loved that!  Would he add his name to this trophy yet again?

It was a great final and very close but the eventual victors were Tom and Hannah, who had been really strong all day.  Well done to them both!

Once again this was a really enjoyable day for us, as Todd’s family, and also for the KLTC family as a whole.  It was wonderful to see the growing ‘next generation’ of club and family children all playing together and adding to the lovely spirit of the day.  The April slot proved a success, and we will look to hold it then again next year.  Once again my thanks to Vicky Sims and Jenna King for the gorgeous cakes, Nic Clark for her organisational skills and Matt Thompson for compiling the boxes, even though he couldn’t take part himself.

Sandra, Andrew, Jenna, Jorgie and all the family.