The Geoff Douglas Generation Tournament 2021

The Geoff Douglas Generation tournament was held on a beautiful, warm and sunny Sunday afternoon in August. Out of the 34 entrants it was brilliant to see six of our stronger junior players amongst them. The junior players were paired with our strongest male and female entrants, all other competitors were paired with a player of a different generation (as far as possible) so that the tournament was very fair and any pair could win. 

Unfortunately during the tournament Bryony fell over and could no longer carry on playing. Geoff would have been so proud to see his granddaughter Amelia step up and play instead of Bryony, of course it was her very first tournament and she was a little nervous, but she did her best and played some good shots. Our best wishes to Bryony for a speedy recovery.

All the matches were very hard fought and close. The juniors played very well and conducted themselves in an exemplary way, waiting at the change overs and encouraging their partners.  It was good to see many of the different sections of the club come together for this tournament which means so much for me and the family.

The final was brilliant as it was Dave Willford (one of our coaches) and Dan Hoare (one of our talented juniors) against Dan Purnell (one of our best players who has finally made it to adulthood as normally in this tournament he has to play as a youngster) and Yusuf Qazi (another of our talented junior players). This is the very essence of the tournament which is to help the juniors move into the senior section and get to know the other players. Dan P and Yusuf defeated Dave and Dan in a very tense final tiebreaker. Many congratulations Dan P and Yusuf.

Many thanks also to all the spectators and all the families who helped to make the afternoon so special and in particular to everyone who brought contributions to the tea, in fact it was more like a feast and the table groaned under the weight of the food. Geoff would have loved it!

Cynthia Douglas

Dan Hoare (one of our talented juniors)
Yusuf Qazi (another of our talented junior players).