The Geoff Douglas Generation Championship Tiebreaker Tournament

Sunday 22 August at 2:00pm.

Geoff Douglas was a very keen member who dedicated a great deal of time to getting young members integrated into the club.  This tournament is in his memory and is designed to enable a younger member to play with someone more mature.  It works like this …

Adult competitors will be ranked in order of which league team they played in.  Non-league players will be added to the end of the list.  Junior players will be ranked in order of which league team they played in or which coaching group they attend.  The coaches will decide which juniors will be invited.

The 4 highest ranked adults will be drawn out of a hat and paired with the 4 lowest ranked juniors whose names will also be drawn out of a hat. This will be repeated until all players have a partner.  Hopefully this will give everyone a chance to win.

On the day the players will play a Championship Tiebreaker, which means the first pair to get 10 points with a 2 point lead will win. In the event of the match continuing after 10 points the first pair to get 12 points whether or not there is a 2 point lead will win.  Depending on the number of entries the tournament will be played on a round robin basis where all pairs play each other, or there will be boxes where the top pairs play a semi final then the final.

Please only sign up if you are certain you will be able to play as the pairs have to be sorted out in advance to give everyone the chance of winning! Please sign up by Thursday 19 August.

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