KLTC End of Year Tournament Results 2016

Another fantastic year of tournaments has come to an end, we can now announce the winners of all the tournaments held over the year.

Todd King Mixed Doubles

Sam Russé and Dean Newman

Winter Tournament

Nicola Clark and Mark Bowker

Winter Tournament Plate

Karen Stevens and Simon Collins

Doris Wright Mixed Doubles

Bridget Hunter and Adrian Somerfield

Gilbert Briggs

Bridget Hunter and Jack Howland

Wooden Racket Tournament

Jack Howland and Andy Price

Geoff Douglas Generation Cup

Karen Copeland and Dan Bond

Derek Walkerdine Trophy

Sam Russé and Jack Soni

Ladies Singles
Bridget Hunter

Mens Singles
Jack Howland

Mixed Doubles
Bridget Hunter and Mark Bowker

Ladies Doubles
Hannah Martin and Celia Clement

Mens Doubles
Matthew Thompson and Jack Howland

Mens Singles Plate
Simon Collins

Mixed Doubles Plate
Mary Walkerdine and Tony Willford

Congratulations to all this years winners and to all that took part to make this another great year of tournaments. Thanks also go to Andy Price as Tournament Organiser and to all who organised tournaments!

Please see our gallery for photos of all the finalists