Guidelines for Members for use of Clubhouse and Bar

1: Primary concern is for the safety of all members attending the club. If you have any symptoms please stay away and get tested.

2: Track and Trace

Contact details must be recorded for anyone who has not come purely to play tennis. Date and times should be written down.

3 Operation of Bar –


3.1 Card payments only – using the card reader. It takes contactless payments but some may have to insert card and key in pin.

3.2 Receipts will not be routinely provided. If you want a receipt you will need to submit your e-mail address or mobile number.


3.5 Plastic Cups only to be used. Do not use any of the glassware under any circumstances.

4 Operation of Kitchen

4.1 If making coffee or tea please use plastic disposable cups only.


5.1 If you have an empty bottle, can or plastic cup please take your own to the relevant red biffa bin at the main car park gate.  There are separate recycling bins for glass and other recyclables.


6.1 We have no screening for the bar, so people wishing to purchase should remain well back from the bar. Queueing may have to end up outside the main entrance. If not too windy maybe use the fire exit as the main exit point, ensure it is fixed with the hook and the main door for entry!

6.2 Inside

Inside capacity is clearly quite limited. The tables should not be moved around as they have been placed to be 2 metres apart and with chairs on the different tables that are closer than 2 metres are not facing each other.  Maximum on any table is 6 but only from a maximum of 2 households.  Remember members of different households should maintain a 2 metre distance.

6.3 Outside

Restrictions are less onerous if people are sat outside. The long benches are just over 2 metres long. Maximum group size is still 6.

7 Changing Rooms

It is still recommended that players should come changed and should not use the showers.