Geoff Douglas generation cup

The tournament began under a dark sky and gentle rain, until suddenly the sun came out and the tournament erupted into life. Six junior members turned up along with some senior members from another section of the club – the joining together of separate sections of the club epitomises the rationale of the tournament. The idea is to get different sections of the club to get together and play tennis!

All matches were closely contested. Pete Wayborn, our most senior playing member on the day, played with Faye Green our most junior member on the day and did really well in their group, but going forward into the semi finals were:
Laura and Daniel Green v Pete Evans and Sian
Emily and Karen S v Matt and Carol

Spectators viewed wonderful, hard fought matches culminating in a final of:
Emily and Karen S v Pete E and Sian

After a very exciting final Pete E and Sian were victorious.

The overall sense of different generations playing together and enjoying the game is the essence of the Geoff Douglas Generation Cup Tournament.

Thanks to everyone for coming and for a delicious tea.

Cynthia Douglas