Club Play

Wednesday Club Play: 6.30pm till 8.30pm
Saturday Club Play: 2pm till 4pm

Can all members please note that then Club Play board should be used at ALL Club Play sessions, it is situation in the foyer (or outside if the weather permits).

All full senior members, junior members (with full playing rights) and adult improvers (who are ready to progress to the next stage) are welcome to attend our free club play sessions. You don’t need to come to the full session.

COVID-19 Note: Pre booking is recommended, otherwise please sign-in at the foyer. LTA Guidelines permit the mixing of players but social distancing rules do apply. A maximum of 30 players are allowed to attend each session.

If you are interested in joining this is a perfect way to trial the club. Please contact the membership secretary to be book in – the first time is free.

Club Play Rules

This board ensures everyone gets to play as many matches as possible.

Each member has a name tag which, on arrival at Club Play find your tag and place it on the left hand side of the board under Players Present.

When your name is at the top you can choose 3 other players from the top 8 to play. If you choose not to play please put your tag at the bottom of the this section.

Place the four name tags on the space by the appropriate court . At the end of the set replace tags on the left hand side.

When you have finished playing for the day remove your tag and place in the bottom general area.

If anyone is unsure ask another member for guidance.