Winter League Review

Winter league is now over! Congratulations to the 1st team who won division 1, 2nds stayed in division 2 and the 3rds who were promoted to division 2! Also big congratulations to the vets teams – 1st team also won division 1 and the 2nds were promoted to the 2nd division. Good work all round!


Match Practice

Match practice has started ahead of the summer league season and with this comes new mens and ladies captains Tom Blaber and Bridget Hunter respectively have taken up the posts. Under this new regime there has been a change of emphasis and now club coach Matt Thompson will be on hand to provide coaching to all that attend.

Mens match practice is 6.30 on a Monday evening

Ladies match practice is 6.30 on a Tuesday evening

Hope to see you all there and get some practice ahead of the new season.



Summer League

Summer League has officially ended and it was a successful year once again for the majority of Knowles teams, we had 6 promotions all together out of our 12 teams. A big thanks to Rich and Sue who dedicated alot of hard work to organise 48 players each week so we fielded 12 teams, alot of planning goes into to this job and im sure every member at Knowle appricaties this

Todd King Tournament Review

The Todd King Future Presidents Cup 2015


This year for the first time we decided to host Todd’s tournament in April, rather than later in the summer as in previous years.  This was in the first instance to fit better in the KLTC calendar, August/September is a busy time for members with the build up to finals day and it was difficult to find a date when we could start at 12 noon and use all 4 courts exclusively for the whole day.  April seemed the obvious choice to coincide with his anniversary.  With the annual trip to Okehampton and an Argon match to compete we were still unsure that playing numbers would be viable.  But 15 pairs signed up very quickly and we were all set to go ahead.


Matt (Bomber) Thompson had kindly arranged 3 boxes of 5 pairs and such was the playing standards of those competing, that we had two seeded pairs in each box.  With the, as always, wonderful support of Nic Clark in orchestrating play, all matches were soon underway with some really close match ups on all courts.  One box even ended in a draw and so a tie break was played to find our 4th semifinalists, with Pete Wayborn and Lydia Newman just beating Rob Tucker and Hayley Spragg.


So our semi final lineup was: Dean Newman & Sam Russé v Dan Bond & Vicky Sims and Tom Blaber & Hannah Martin v  Pete and Lydia. Dan and Vicky triumphed in the other semi to face Hannah and Tom and everyone was commenting on Bondy’s return to the courts and being straight back to his winning ways! Todd would have loved that!  Would he add his name to this trophy yet again?


It was a great final and very close but the eventual victors were Tom and Hannah, who had been really strong all day.  Well done to them both!


Once again this was a really enjoyable day for us, as Todd’s family, and also for the KLTC family as a whole.  It was wonderful to see the growing ‘next generation’ of club and family children all playing together and adding to the lovely spirit of the day.  The April slot proved a success, and we will look to hold it then again next year.  Once again my thanks to Vicky Sims and Jenna King for the gorgeous cakes, Nic Clark for her organisational skills and Matt Thompson for compiling the boxes, even though he couldn’t take part himself.


Sandra, Andrew, Jenna, Jorgie and all the family.

Watch tennis on the cheap


It can cost an awful lot of money to watch professional tennis. You can save money at tournaments, such as the pre-Wimbledon WTA tournament in Birmingham, by going to see the early rounds or you can even watch the pre-qualifying for free. However, I am going to deal with the July Davis Cup clash with France.

One way to save some money is to go to see the doubles match on the Saturday. They charge less for this as there is only match. On the plus side, with Andy Murray expected to win both of his singles and the No.2 Brit expected to lose his matches, this is probably the crunch event of the tie. On the down side, the rallies are shorter. Another way to save money on attending the event is to become very good at tennis and get into Team GB. Then, if your name is not Murray, you can sit back and watch Mrs. Murray’s boys win the tie for Scotland. Sorry, Great Britain.

However, if your tennis abilities are never going to reach those heights, then the cheapest way of watching three days of Davis Cup tennis is to be allowed in for nothing and to be paid while you are there. This can be made even sweeter by working for FranceTVSport, so that they pay for the privilege of you seeing their team beaten.

Less than ten days before the tie, I received an e-mail asking me if I was available for four days work in London. I hate working in London and the travel and hotel expenses takes a lot out of the fee but four days is a lot of work to turn down. So, I made a tentative enquiry, asking what was the job. When the reply came back that it was the Davis Cup tie at Queen’s Club, I had smoke rising from my computer keyboard as I rapidly replied to accept the job.

I was working for French television and I began work at eight o’clock on the Thursday before the event started, though I was able to see the teams knocking up on the show court as they acclimatized to the conditions on the court. A very hot and hard day, humping in all of the heavy broadcast gear in and getting it working. However, after that I had very little to do but watch the tennis and hope that nothing went wrong, as FranceTVSport was live on-air for all of the matches. I began watching the tennis by the main camera position. The perfect spot to view the match but it gives you very little idea of the speed of the shots. I briefly went down to the balcony area by the side of the court. All of a sudden those second serves, which had appeared to be so slow, were suddenly shooting through.

As more stills cameramen turned up, I was squeezed out of my viewing position but, as I was looking after the French commentary team, I was able to slip into their commentary hut and watch from in there. The hut was right next to the camera position, so I still had a perfect view and I now had the benefit of air-conditioning.  Remarkably, the BBC commentators were positioned at the back of the BBC studio hut, looking away from the court and just working from television screens. Of course, being in with the French commentators meant that my celebrations had to be muted as Team GB took control of the tie but I had the satisfaction of seeing them banging the table with exasperation as the Murray brothers took control of the doubles and put Team GB into the lead.

The French broadcast team were very pleasant to work with but we rapidly came off-air once the tie had been lost after the first singles on the Sunday. The weather for the four days that I was there was absolutely idyllic. My second favourite job of all time. And unlike an earlier Davis Cup tie that I worked on, I did not end up calling a line in the deciding rubber but then that was another century.


Keith Upton

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Summer League

Summer League is over for another season a big congratulations to everyone as we had 6 out of the 12 teams achieving promotion, Sue and Rich have done a great job organising 48 people for each Friday night. It is a tough job so its great to have people committed a special thanks to all the players that played all ten matches as this shows a great commitment to the club.

Well done everyone!